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19 October 2023
Horizon Europe Cluster 2 Brokerage Event
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Open until 31 December 2023


Registration for the official European Commission information day for autumn 2024 calls for proposals in Cluster 2 is now officially open! Please register yourself HERE. The event will take place on 18.10.2023 online . The Net4SocietyHE brokerage event and pitch presentation session will be organized on the following day, 19.10.2023 (online only). You can also now book participation in your B2Match profiles. 

Please note, that more information will be provided related to these events in the coming weeks and that the agenda is still subject to eventual changes.

Welcome to the

Net4Society Cluster 2 Networking Platform

The Networking Platform is open all year round and offers you the chance to find partners for all upcoming Cluster 2 calls. 

  • Are you looking for additional partners for your already existing project consortium to apply for funding in Cluster 2? 
  • Are you interested in a specific Cluster 2 topic und would like to join forces with other partners to build up your consortium? 

Our networking platform brings together participants from all over Europe and beyond. It is the unique opportunity to generate new contacts and to build up project consortia. 

Participants have the opportunity to pre-arrange meetings with other participants in order to identify possible collaborators and to facilitate the setup of Horizon Europe project consortia.

Curious? Check out "How it works" to find out more about how to easily meet potential cooperation partners!

    Why participate?

    • Present, discuss and develop new project ideas at international level
    • Acquire new cross-border contacts and initiate collaborations
    • Facilitate the setup of quality partnerships in view of the open Horizon Europe calls
    • Immerse in networking and consortium building opportunities

    How can you benefit?

    • Publish and showcase your project idea in our dedicated flash presentation session
    • Discuss your proposal with experienced evaluators and gain valuable feedback in our Pre-Proposal Check
    • Initiate and arrange promising pre-scheduled meetings at the event
    • Generate fresh leads and meet new contacts in a time and cost-efficient way


    This Platform is hosted by Net4Society, the international network of National Contact Points for Cluster 2 "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society" in Horizon Europe.

    Organised by
    Participants 1880
    Meetings 1339
    Türkiye 253
    Italy 236
    Spain 200
    Portugal 132
    France 99
    Germany 89
    Belgium 87
    Greece 74
    Ireland 67
    United Kingdom 67
    Romania 67
    Austria 54
    Israel 51
    Poland 48
    Norway 46
    Morocco 34
    Estonia 33
    Finland 32
    Hungary 31
    Netherlands 31
    Switzerland 29
    Sweden 27
    Lithuania 23
    Latvia 23
    Cyprus 22
    Bulgaria 21
    Czech Republic 21
    Denmark 20
    Slovakia 19
    Georgia 19
    Ukraine 15
    Malta 11
    Croatia 10
    Brazil 10
    New Zealand 9
    Serbia 8
    Iceland 7
    Albania 7
    North Macedonia 6
    Slovenia 4
    Azerbaijan 3
    Kazakhstan 3
    Moldova, Republic Of 3
    Lebanon 3
    Oman 3
    Tunisia 3
    Argentina 3
    Mexico 2
    Philippines 2
    Taiwan 2
    Martinique 2
    Bosnia And Herzegovina 2
    Montenegro 2
    United States 2
    Armenia 2
    India 2
    Sri Lanka 1
    Ghana 1
    Reunion 1
    Japan 1
    Luxembourg 1
    Costa Rica 1
    Thailand 1
    Palestine 1
    Chile 1
    Peru 1
    Libya 1
    Kosovo 1
    Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
    China 1
    Egypt 1
    Viet Nam 1
    Cambodia 1
    Total 2098
    Start-up 70
    Company (SME) 282
    Company (Industry) 30
    EU Institution 16
    Academia 876
    R&D Institution 216
    Association/Agency 154
    Authority/Government 127
    Consulting (business, tax, legal) 53
    Other 250
    Total 2074